"Charle Fox, Manager of the Texas A&M University Commerce operated Twin Oaks Blueberry Farm spoke to the Commerce Rotary Club and explained that the blueberry farm is more than just blueberries.  
There are three components at present. They are an orchard, have a licensed kitchen to process and are involved in Agri-tourism.  Charle elaborated on the Richards history of the starting the blueberry farm, that they still hand out their recipes’ and they had a touching visit on Homecoming and she talked about fruits and some of the changes on the property.   Charle went into a bit more detail about methods such as the organic methods; she explained that being certified would be too costly.  Not only for a license, but the compost and mulch would have to be certified organic.  She talked about their store products and supporting groups; such as the Agrilife Research that has a partnership with TAMUC that grows a bread wheat for us and the Stroops, who own Kelly Honey Farms, provide bees to pollinate our bushes every spring.  They sell the honey from an old label: Texas Farmland Honey, which gives the Campbell address.  The farm will open again at the Fall Semester 2015.