In these times, when we are concerned about our safety,
it was reassuring that we here in Commerce have a specially
trained and equipped Special Response Team (SRT)
made up of members of the City of Commerce Police
Department and the Texas A&M University - Commerce
Police Department. 
The team is headed by Officer
Bryan Vaughn, Commander of the SRT Team and Lyle
Lowe Asst. Commander who gave us a presentation,
assisted by Officer Alex Suarez of the team's capabilities,
the equipment and training. 
Jerrod Edelhauser (Knight)
a Rotary Club member was chosen by the SRT
members to demonstrate how much equipment an officer
must carry into action and the weight of the equipment which
is approximately 65 pounds. SRT members are all volunteers
and receive no special compensation. There have been
several instances where the SRT was mobilized.
We thank these dedicated officers for their service to keep us save.