COMMERCE - The highest percentage of deaths associated with domestic violence comes during or soon after a breakup, guest speaker Cheryl Bahm explained recently to the Commerce Rotary Club. “This is why advising someone to ‘just leave’ can actually put them in a potentially dangerous situation.”
Bahm came to the club Wednesday to talk about the work of her organization, Women in Need, which has facilities in Greenville and Rockwall. She confirmed that the charity works with people in abusive relationships to provide emotional support as needed, and yes, a place to stay when the time comes. In fact, she invites those who support the facility and the work of W.I.N. to arrange a visit and see firsthand the arrangements offered to women and families who are being served right now in Hunt County.
With regard to the retail outlets called My Sister’s Closet, Bahm shared that they are wholly owned and operated by W.I.N., and that donations to those stores are first offered up to the shelters in case there’s an immediate need for the items, and if not, the items are then offered to the public for a price, and the proceeds benefit the operation of the organization. There are three My Sister’s Closet locations in the county, including one in Greenville, one in Quinlan, and one on Mangum street in Commerce. There is also a store in Rockwall.
Bahm came to speak to the club as part of the May monthly speaker series. Last week, Rotarians and guests enjoyed a presentation from Theresa Sadler with the Raffa Clinic, which serves as a family planning and pregnancy resource in Hunt County. Next week, we look forward to a visit from Greenville’s Pud Kearns who will share information about the upcoming Bras for the Cause fundraiser from Hunt Regional Healthcare.
Also shared Wednesday was news of the Commerce Church of Christ’s “Dorcus Day” event on Saturday, May 21st, during which donated items will be displayed in the parking lots of the church and adjacent community building on Culver Street in Commerce. According to pastor Joel Shelton, the idea is that if someone in the community needs an item that is available at the event, that person may take the item free of charge.  The items are generally good-condition garage sale type items. Any leftover items will be donated to the Hunt County Women in Need. The event takes place Saturday from 7am until Noon.