Here is an American who we seldom hear about, but who is a real
hero. Chris Kurinec raises funds and creates awareness for
America's wounded warriors.
He is one of those wounded warriers who has given so much of
himself to assure our safety. He served 25 years of active duty in the U.S. Army
and retired as Command Sergeant Major of an Operational Squadron of Special
Operations.  He was awarded the Silver Star along with two other valor awards
for heroism, presented with three Purple Hearts and received the USSOCOM Dick
Meadows Award for Heroism.   Chris Kurinec spoke to the Commerce Rotary
Club members giving us the history of how the war on terrorism began and an
overview of how the U.S. is using Special Operations Forces (SOF) to defeat
Radical Islam across the globe since 9/11.  There have been only 419 members
of SOF in the past 20 years and he was one of the elite group of  SOF. Thank
you Chris Kurinec for your service, you are a Hero !